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INTERMOT 2016 Is the biggest Motorcycle exebition in Europe with 220 000 visitors. Biker Church Europe plan to have 14 000 Biker Bibles in diffrent languages and 4000 Childrenbook for Bikerkids at this exebition. We have got a free both. We need your support in prayer and financially for Biker Bibles and childrenbooks. We need about 9 000 Euro. If you would like to support - please send it to Bible for the Nations e.V. (Do not forget to write - ”Biker Bible or Childrenbooks Cologne”)
May God bless you

Roul Åkesson/ Biker Church Europe

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· For gifts please write ”Biker Bible or Childrenbooks Cologne”

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Woodstock - Poland - the largest festival in Europe with 750,000 visitors

50,000 Festival Bibles for Woodstock   30 July-6 August  2017




Since our visit to the Woodstock music festival in 2016, when we witnessed the forlornness of thousands of Polish and German teenagers, our hearts were touched and we felt the strong urge to spread God's Word among the festival visitors!

Hundreds of thousands of young people are looking for spirituality, exciting kicks and experiences.

We were reminded of the verse of the Bible: “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:36



In 2016 we started a small distribution campaign with 250 Metal Bibles in Polish on the festival grounds. Within 25 minutes they were out of stock.

For this year, we have planned 50,000 Festival Bibles for Woodstock 2017. The Word of God alone is the BREAD that can satisfy this hunger.

Since 2002, we regularly visit music festivals to bring the gospel to the people there. The Woodstock Festival is the largest of its kind and a real challenge.

Together with students from a Bible school from Germany, some staff members from Sweden and other countries, we will bring the Word of God to the young generation from Poland, Germany and other European countries at the Woodstock Festival.


We ask for your help and prayer for:


Good staff during the festival


Finance (about € 75,000.00) for the printing of 50,000 Festival Bibles


The logistics and the overnight camp


The protection of all workers


We would be happy if we could welcome you, all around

Europe to join us in this outreach. Come for some days or for the whole week. We will have

fantastic fellowship, worship, teaching and most of the hours of the day we will be moving

around on the festival ground in small teams, handing out Festival Bibles, talking and

praying with the very friendly warmhearted Polish and other festival visitors. We are planning

for about 100 workers from all over Europe.

This are the costs for the week:

Accommodation in classroom: 6 Euro/ day

Accommodation in your own tent: 3,50 Euro/day

Breakfast, Lunch, Supper 10 Euro/day

Please stand with us in prayer for this outreach! This is really a challenge!

If you are interested – please contact Roul Åkesson roul(a)

Phone nr. +46-709 31 41 21


Donation note: Festival Bible Poland


Donation receipts will be issued at the beginning of next year. Please enter your full address in the field of application.


Bible for the Nations e.V., Aulkestraße 28, D - 48734 Reken

Phone:+49 (0) 2864 882907 Fax: +49 (0)2864 882909 Telephone (in SE): +46 (0) 40 672 6544

E-mail: info(a)

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Postbank Dortmund

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