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Auch bei uns tut sich viel und wir möchten Sie hier an den aktuellen Themen teilhaben lassen.


New cooperation between Bible Mission e.V. and Bible for the Nations e.V.

The cooperation between the Bible Mission e.V., Niedernberg and Bible for the Nations, Reken, will begin on March 1, 2020.

Our logistics and shipping will be taken over by the Bible Mission in Niedernberg in March.

The new warehouse is already set up.

Both organizations continue to work in their usual areas. However, we also see the possibility that we can do Bible projects together in the future.

We are grateful to see the guidance of God in this cooperation. Already at the first meeting, in July 2019, it was clear that the two Bible organizations share the vision received from God: The spreading of the Word of God, both in Germany and abroad, so that people will be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the life-changing Word of God in their mother tongue.

Albert Froese / Bibel-Mission e.V.   

Roul Åkesson / Bible for the Nations e.V.