A Biker Bible story, through the eyes of William and Emma

Children's book in German


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ISBN 978-3-946919-62-9
Product information "A Biker Bible story, through the eyes of William and Emma"

Dad comes home with a new book

William and Emma live with their mother Sandy and their father Jimmy in a second-floor apartment. William is in the third grade and Emma is in second grade. Their dad Jimmy works as a car mechanic and their mom Sandy works as a nurse.

         Every year their dad, who loves to ride his motorcycle, goes to Daytona Bike Week in Florida. He puts up his tent at a campground for bikers and goes to all of the rock concerts and events for bikers. This is one of the highlights of the year for Dad. He plans for this trip way ahead of time with his buddies. When it’s time to go, he packs his Harley Davidson with his sleeping bag and tent, along with some clothes and lots of beer.

William always waves good-bye when Dad roars off on his Harley along with his other biker buddies Bob, Joe, and Chris. William dreams of being allowed to come with them one day when he’s a little bit older. It always feels empty at home when Dad goes on this annual trip to Florida.

ISBN 978-3-946919-62-9
Edition 1. Edition
Pages 64
Weight 370 g
Dimensions 17,5x1,0x24,5 cm
Book style: Hardcover
Language: English

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