The Olli Metal Bible Story

Children's book in German


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ISBN 978-3-945779-98-9
Product information "The Olli Metal Bible Story"
Children's book in German.   Papa gets a strange Book for free.                                                                                                                                                              
The Olli Metal Bible story. Olli and Mathilde live with their mother Helma and their father Jan in
a three-room apartment in Dortmund. Olli is in third grade of
Elementary school and Mathilde is in first grade. Papa Jan works as a
Car mechanic and is a biker. The mother Helma is unemployed and looking
a job as a nurse.
Every year Olli and Mathilde's dad goes to the big metal festival
in Wacken. For Papa Jan, this is always the highlight of the year. He
always gets the tickets for the festival in April.
When the date for Wacken approaches, he packs his things and buys crates if
Beer for himself and his buddies.
When the festival is over and dad comes home later on Sunday afternoon, he's always a little annoyed. The fun is over and on Monday he has to go back to work.
He has to wait a whole year until next time. Olli and Mathilde then try to make themselves invisible.
But this time everything is different. Papa received a strange book at the Festival.The Metal Bible. Mama Helma looks at the book
skepticallyf. "What did you get there? What is that? ”She asks.
Papa is a little embarrassed.
"It's a book, yes, huh, it's about Jesus," says Dad.
“Ah, something religious. Ha, ha, ha, did you get religious, on a metal
Festival? If you have become religious, I will move out!  Oh, I have to be careful what I say when the kids are with me! "

ISBN 978-3-945779-98-9
Edition 1. Edition
Pages 64
Weight 364 g
Dimensions 17,5x24,5x0,9 cm
Bible translation: Bible for the Nations
Book style: Hardcover
Language: German

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