This is the greatest story ever told: The story about Jesus.


Jesus Storybook

It is a 144-page book that tells the whole story of Jesus: Why he came, what he did, what he said and how he lived among people. With simple language, it tells why Jesus had to come and how he gave his life to forgive the sin of all people and to set people free.

The Jesus Storybook contains illustrations in a comic strip form depicting the Creation story, the life of Jesus, and explaining God’s love for people. It also contains some prophecies from the Old Testament about the coming of Jesus, as well as 12 of Jesus’ parables along with explanations and translated Bible texts.

At the end of The Jesus Storybook, there are some pages where readers find out how to receive Jesus into their hearts, along with some links and more information on who to contact or how to get more information about Jesus.

The Jesus Storybook is meant to be handed out to children who have never heard about Jesus or know very little about him. It is a tool for tribes that do not yet have the New Testament translated into their own language. It could also be handed out in refugee camps. It is also a book for children and youth growing up in the cities of Europe or other continents.

The Jesus Storybook can also be used to explain who Jesus is to mentally disabled children and adults. Even people who have trouble reading can benefit greatly from this book.

Through The Jesus Storybook it becomes easy for a child to find the way to Jesus Christ.

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10,000+ books . € 2,10/book

The Jesus Storybook is permitted to be printed in all languages.

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