A Swedish Soldier’s Bible

Bible for the Nations is working to produce a new edition of a target group Bible for soldiers in the Swedish army – the Soldier’s Bible. Bible for the Nations is working on this project in collaboration with Förbundet Kristna i Försvaret (Christians in the army). The Soldier Bible will are printed in October 2019.

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The German Business Bible

The new Business Bible in the german language has been printed and is now available. In the Bible for the Nations shop. It contains the whole New Testament along with 128 fullcolour pages with Interesting and powerful testimonies, interviews, written prayers and info.

business kopia

A new French Biker Bible

A new edition of the French Biker Bible will be finished in November 2018. It is the sixth edition of the French Biker Bible. The French Biker Bible has been distributed throughout France at several Biker rallies and at exhibitions.







biker italien


The Jesus Storybook in 6 new languages

Bible for the Nations is printing the Jesus Storybook in 6 new languages: Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, French, Turkish and Swedish. The Jesus Storybook is already available in English, German, Polish and Telugu. The 6 new editions will be printed in October 2018.


In March 2019, Bible for the Nations, Biker Church Europe and several US Biker Clubs and ministries handing out 20,000 copies of the new Americanversion of the Biker Bible at Daytona Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida.






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Bible for the Nations in the US market


Bible for the Nations is expanding and taking new steps into the US market.

In 2019 there will be several new editions of target group NTs for the US market. Distribution will be through Multi Media.  www.multilanguage.com

New editions for the US market will include the Biker Bible, the Metal Bible, The Festival Bible, the Jesus Bible, the Survival Bible and the Trucker Bible.

All editions will include the entire NT + 128 full-color pages with testimonies, prayers and information.



Reaching prisoners in Poland

For many years, Bible for the Nations has been involved in distributing the Biker Bible to prisons throughout Europe. In the Fall of 2018, Bible for the Nations will start a new project in Poland with the goal of reaching all the prisoners in Poland (ca. 80,000) with a Biker Bible. The first 10,000 have already been printed. The first outreach will be to prisons around the city of Poznan in the middle of October 2018.

There will also be a Women’s Bible in Polish for all the women in Polish prisons (ca. 8,000). Also, the Jesus Storybook has been printed in Polish and the prisoners will have the opportunity to give their children the Jesus Storybook as a Christmas present.




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