The Biker Bible

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The Biker Bible is now available in 23 languages and has been printed in over 1,000,000 copies. The target group for this Bible edition are motorcyclists in Europe. The Christian bikers pass out the Biker Bible for free at motorcycle shows and biker meetings. In Europe there is a large network of Christian motorcycle clubs called Biker Church Europe. This network distributes a variety of copies of the Biker Bible.



 With invitations from trade fair organizers and free-of-charge booths at biker events, representatives of Biker Church Europe are present at trade fairs in many European countries.




In the prisons:




Biker Bibles are also distributed in prisons in large numbers and are very popular there. Inmates have even set up a reading list in a prison in Poland, so that every prisoner has the opportunity to read the Biker Bibles. In Romania, we gave 10,000 Biker Bibles to several prison missions, which they then distributed in the prisons.

If you would like to support the work of giving out the Biker Bible in prisons, please donate to Bible for the Nations


Please note the following for donations: Prisoners.


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