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Target group Bibles – with the word of God! We are working in many countries in Europe together with christian organisations, biblesocieties and churches. We are convinced that Gods word is for every man. It gives us a fundation for our lives, security and hope for the future. During the last ten years we have been given out hundred of thousends target group NT´s in many languages. The most of the NT´s that we produce contains the whole NT + 128 4 colour pages with testimonies, interviews, statements, written prayers and info.
The NT´s have been well accepted among the target groups we are trying to reach with the word of God. Also Media has noticed the diffrent NT´s.  Surch as the Streetbible, for teenagers, the Biker Bible that we have produced in 11 languages, the Trucker Bible for truck- drivers, a special NT for businessmen and the Womens NT for example.
In every new Bible project we try our very best to work hard with the quality of the testimonies and interviews, with the layout and the format of the NT. All to be able to “pack in” the most valuable that we have, the word of God.
You can join us in the big challenge – reaching people around you with the word of God. You can also support our mission through prayer and supporting us with funds for spreading Bibles in Europe on the account:

Bible for the Nations e.V.
Aulkestraße 28
 D - 48734 Reken / Germany
Postbank Dortmund
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If you have any questions or ideas of what else we can do in Europe – in spreading Bibles, do not hesitate to contact us:

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Roul Åkesson / Director



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