The Women's Bible

Personal Testimonies & NT and selected Psalms in German

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ISBN 978-3-948954-35-2
Product information "The Women's Bible"
Personal Testimonies & NT and selected Psalms in German                                                                                                                                                                                

Strong Stories, Honest Confessions, True Tales of Battles, Tests of Courage and Victories!
In addition to the entire New Testament, the Women's Bible is packed with remarkable, harrowing, but also fun-loving stories. The Women’s Bible may become the most important book of their lives.

The Women's Bible

The Women's Bible is a kind of platform where many women share part of their lives with readers. The way through life sometimes leads through difficult times, which are often associated with a lot of struggle. Making decisions is not always easy.
Here women talk openly and honestly about their struggles, defeats, but also about their victories and their path to freedom.
The author of the middle part of the Women's Bible (the New Testament), God himself, has something to say to us humans! God's own word is our best counselor in life. For the Creator knows how to live life.

The women's Bible can become a source of life for one's own life. The many stories give courage, hope and strength not to give up in your own life, but to give up
to seek the way that leads to freedom and the one who is the way, the truth and life itself - Jesus Christ.

The women’s Bible may become the most important book in your life!
Release Date 01.01.2018
ISBN 978-3-948954-35-2
Edition 2. Edition
Pages 864
Weight 272 g
Dimensions 9,7x14,7x2,1 cm
Bible translation: Neues Leben
Book style: Paperback
Language: German

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