Kicker Bible

Personal Testimonies & NT and selected Psalms in German

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ISBN 978-3-946919-55-1
Product information "Kicker Bible"
Kicker Bibel  ( German language )                                                                                                 
What use are expensive football boots and he being the best football club if you don't have the strength to play? To pass the fitness test for a game you need a strong body full of energy. Athletes know that not only the physical, but also the mental fitness is decisive for success. In order to survive the game of of life, to overcome difficulties and tough opposition, we too need strength and energy.

This book contains the entire New Testament plus many encouraging reports of players, officials and fans. The Kicker Bible tells us how we can find strength in challenging situations. E.g. Antonio da Silva reports from his time at Borussia Dortmund, when he was about to give up and throw his life away. He tells of how God spoke to his conscience and became a different person who can now be proud of his achievements..

Here we learn how an encounter with the living Jesus can totally change lives and give a new purpose in life. The book serves as a guide and gives direction. This is how we survive the game of our lives which is more important than any major sporting event.

it's ideal for all football enthusiasts with gripping testimonials from Cacau, Zé Roberto and many others. Whether you want to distribute it, give it away or read it yourself, the Kicker Bible is an enrichment for every reader and gives courage, instruction and hope for the  everyday life of faith. The handy format makes the Bible a daily companion and advisor.
ISBN 978-3-946919-55-1
Edition 7. Edition
Pages 864
Weight 280 g
Dimensions 9,7x14,7x2,1 cm
Bible translation: Neues Leben
Book style: Paperback
Language: German

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