Jesus Bible

Personal Testimonies & NT in English

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Order number 179271000
ISBN 978-3-945779-71-2
Product information "Jesus Bible"
We offer you the Jesus Bible, a the New Testament in high quality print.
The Jesus Bible is published for everyone who has questions about Jesus Christ. Who is He? who was He? What's the point of the whole thing?

Many people have unanswered questions - especially about Jesus Christ. Maybe you presume something or maybe hope for something, but you don't really know.

Many people have never read a Bible. Here's a chance to do it. This edition contains the New Testament, which is the second part of the Bible. This part is especially about Jesus Christ and his followers.

In addition to the entire New Testament, we have put together 128 four-color pages with real life stories from people who are alive today and who have seen how this Jesus Christ has helped them.

For example, there is the story of Bettina, who received help in her hopeless situation and how she found freedom. Or from Ingvar, whom almost each one of us would normally have given up on, but for whom there was salvation through this Jesus. And many other harrowing but hopefilled stories.

The edition also contains written prayers and information
and other texts.

Read for yourself - think about it - and check it out!
This is about Jesus Christ - because he is wonderful!

Release Date 01.05.2012
ISBN 978-3-945779-71-2
Edition 1. Edition
Pages 768
Weight 276 g
Dimensions 14,7x9,7x2,0 cm
Bible translation: New Living Translation / Tyndale
Book style: Paperback
Language: English

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