Biker Bible

Life reports and New Testament

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ISBN 978-3-946919-52-0
Product information "Biker Bible"
The Biker Bible is a special edition especially for motorcyclists. It contains the New Testament as well as four-color sections of personal testimonies from motorcyclists from Europe who pass on their experiences with God. It also contains the addresses of European Christian motorcycle clubs and organizations. An appealing New Testament. The total circulation of European Biker Bibles amounts to more than 1.073.000 copies in 23 languages.
Only through the cooperation of various Christian Biker clubs and motorcycle organizations in Europe, this project of the Biker Bible could be realized. During the joint work we became aware that fellowship plays an important role in the life of motorcyclists and that  there is a very large networking bond among bikers.

As any biker knows, without fuel nothing happens, even if you have the most amazing motorcycle with a vast amount of PS. (Harly Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha)  What would it be like if one had to push the motorcycle hundreds of kilometers? Phew, that would be a tough biker existence without fuel! Likewise our life would be more than exhausting without the power of God. We often just push along in our lives. This can work for a few kilometers, but then? We may also try to polish our own lives, to maintain the facade: I can manage, everything is ok!
Be honest! Is it really working well? Don’t we need God’s fuel? Don’t we need His Word, the Bible and His presence? We believe that we cannot do anything without the power of God. That's why, this Biker Bible came about.

With this book you can get new vitality. Here is the irrevocable Word of God combined with life stories of bikers who have experienced God today. It is our desire that people from different churches and biker groups find a common ground through the Biker Bible. The Biker Bible is meant to be a source of strength and of inspiration, as well as a practical aid to life.  

ISBN 978-3-946919-52-0
Edition 19. Edition
Pages 883
Weight 314 g
Dimensions 9,7x14,7x2,3 cm
Bible translation: Neues Leben
Book style: Paperback
Language: German

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