The Jesus Storybook in Hindi and Telugu.




Bible for the Nations is working on a project to provide around 1 500 Sunday schools in the Telangana Province, India with material for the coming start of Sunday schools. Together with the organization G.T.S.S.S. and Bishop Jakob Marineni, we are now working on a concept that allows approximately 250 000 children in countryside churches, which currently has little or no organized teaching, the opportunity to introduce the teaching about Jesus.

Bible for the Nations has translated The Jesus Storybook into the languages Hindi and Telugu, which is the local language of the Telangana province. The Jesus storybook is a book that easily explains God's plan of salvation for children. It is richly illustrated with pictures and tells many of Jesus’s parables. The book follows Jesus, from birth to crucifixion and resurrection, touches on God's plan for man, and it also gives advice and tips on how to deal with different situations in life.

In addition to The Jesus storybook there will also be a manual for Sunday school teachers to help start up the Sunday schools. The manual is advantageous in that the introduction of Sunday schools in theses providences is a new exciting effort.

Do you want to support the start of Sunday Schools, with teaching about Jesus, for the children in India?

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