180 ° Funsport Bible

Life reports & NT and selected Psalms in German

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ISBN 978-3-946919-14-8
Product information "180 ° Funsport Bible"
180 ° Funsport Bible
Life reports & NT and selected Psalms in German

180 ° means 'being stoked'. 180 ° means 100% change. Completely different, nothing is like before. Full throttle in the opposite direction. A matter of adjusting and yet always new. Whether it's the ultimate challenge, a casual combo extension, pre-move to the rail or a natural turn when air is in the halfpipe: we all know the 180 °!
That's what it's all about here: Change, New Perspectives, Challenges, for each one individually. 180 ° is for everyone who likes to think differently and goes all out. 180 ° tells stories. Stories of change. Very old and very current are included.
Always day to day experiences.

Above all, it should be about the greatest story: God and people. The God who makes life stories 180 ° . Who remains unsurpassed in his love for us humans. The God who not only feeds you, but gives you real soul food ... This book contains the entire New Testament, and many encouraging reports in the colour section of 128 pages.

Eric Zbären (SURFING) / Captain Cracker (SKATEBOARDING) / Sven Jaeger (KITESURFING) / Pascal Hardy (WINDSURFING) / Marc Weyer (WAKEBOARDING) / Matthias Nussbächer (ROLLERBLADING) / Natalie Martinez (CLIMBING) / Michael Baldauf (SURFING) / Benjo ( SNOWBOARDING) / Diana (SNOWBOARDING) Benni (KITESURFING) / Simon Block (SKATEBOARDING) / Mirijam Bäßler (WINDSURFING) / Emmanuel Norman (SNOWKITING) / Philipp Kunte (WAKEBOARDING) / Chris van der Merve (ROLLERBLADING) / Jochen Buchholz (BIKING) / Simon (CLIMBING) / Peter Linder (BIKING)
ISBN 978-3-946919-14-8
Edition 2. Edition
Pages 864
Weight 280 g
Dimensions 9,7x14,7x2,1 cm
Bible translation: Neues Leben
Book style: Paperback
Language: German

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